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Our Story

At Blaine Heating and Cooling we take a unique view on how to provide the best service.

Our Philosophy
The desire to just sell new equipment has saturated the heating and air conditioning industry to a level that does not benefit the average home owner. Almost all companies marketing and strategies are driven to sell new equipment. We have taken the opposite approach by putting good repair service first. Most furnace and Air Conditioners can be maintained to operate efficient and safe for along time. When the dollars are compared to replacement costs repair almost always proves the better option.

We understand delivering a service thats convenient, affordable and truly beneficial is the only way to have any longevity in the service industry. We need our customers to trust and stay loyal to us. Our customers must be the number one priority.

We our committed to education and maintaining a staff up to date with today's changes. Today's appliance repairs must be performed by highly skilled technicians. Many new tests must be performed to assure proper appliance operation and we must have the know how. Every single employee at every skill level must have continued education.

We are in a industry that can maintain the new appliances and the older equipment. Many people choose to protect landfills and not treat old appliances as disposable. We believe in repairing compared to replacement. With EPA-certified technicians, industry leading repair, operation efficiency procedures, and recycling we look to protect the environment.

We are building careers internally and surrounding ourselves with the best people. This industry requires dedication that cannot be found if a company doesn't understand the importance of its employees. Our people want the company to succeed by providing the best for our customers.